Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Say Whoa & Secret Wars

Here's whats going down...

Secret Wars is the World’s premier live art battle – working in similar ways to Fight Club, Secret Wars battles are set up & promoted through word of mouth.

The Secret Wars Grand Final is here and its been a long and entertaining journey. Defending champion Gustav has made it again, but Rem 1 DNK who has impressed the judges and the crowds is more than ready and capable of stealing the title to become Secret Wars Series 2 Champion!

Both artists will battle it out for the £500 cash prize, a load of goodies supplied to us by our sponsors and of course a place in the London tournament. This was always going to be a busy night, so we’ve decided to go all out with the entertainment. We have Jimi Crayon hosting the night along with our residents Mr Muffle & R-Kid, playing upstairs and downstairs. We’ve got our secret wars favourite beat-boxer REEPS 1 www.myspace.com/reeps1 to come down and seriously put the Soul Cellar sound system to the maximum test and if you thought that was all we’ve got special guest DJ Session.

Session is a unique producer/DJ who is taking over the club scene with his own brand of forward thinking dance music productions, remixes and genre-blurring DJ sets.

Session has produced for artists such as UK Hip-Hop’s Brotherman, Street Politiks and with Drum&Bass’ Superking. In addition he produces under other alias’, Noisses: Dubstep (bass heavy beats), Equalizers: Breakbeat (electro sounds for the dance floor), and Session And The Bear as a collaboration with Polarbear (thought provoking story telling).

Check out www.myspace.com/session70 to hear more.

If thats not enough... Say Whoa will be taking over downstairs of the Soul Cellar playing the usual type of hype to keep the party going to the early hours.

Entry is £3 before 10 and £5 after.

There’s plenty of FREE parking opposite the Soul Cellar and a load of drinks offers at the bar.


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