Thursday, 16 April 2009


There are many possible explanations for a face like this. I know what you're thinking but no it's not that he's just got the new "Fun, Fit & 50" through the post and it's not the final round of a Stevie Wonder look-a-like contest. This is a face of pure joy and it makes me think that we really are a public service. Sunday was the Say Whoa! bank holiday special and it went OFF!!!
Normally wearing sunglasses in the cluuuub is only for A-list celebs like P.Diddy, Dean Gaffney and those who dwell in Buddha Lounge but we set it as our theme for the bank holiday party and as ever you people made an effort. It was like a rave for the blind without the dogs & sticks. I'm gonna stick my neck out and say it was our liveliest party to date, so lively in fact that the decks nearly fell off the stage.

All the photos are up as always on our Facebook group so go get your tag on and see you at the next one.

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