Thursday, 16 April 2009

MORE GOLD THAN Mr T! - "You wanna get rough? We can get rough"

Here we go again. Like i said we are maaaaaad busy this month and with Bank Holiday out of the way it's time to start gearing up for this month's main bash at Mono. As you may or may not know by now we at Say Whoa have fooking massive egos so it's not enough to just get people to come and have a good ol' knees up, oh no no no, we like to encourage a certain dress code. After much consideration this months theme was narrowed down to a short list of two. Much to Doc McCoy's disappointment, Ben Sherman shirts/ Rockport boots &  a Tudor theme just missed out so we went with the GOLD colour party. Yep thats right, we want you to get all Mr "I'll get the dynamite" T on our ass and break out that bling or just rock some gold clothing. Much like the BBC we can't give any prizes so it's just for fun and a little show of support for your favourite party. As ever there will be drinks promos and the best selection of tracks to get you crunk. Things kick off at 8 and roll on 'till 2. I pity the fool who misses out on this!

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