Monday 25 August 2008

When they hear the bass they say whoa!

This coming Friday (29/08/08), Mono Bar in Southampton will be the venue that hosts the Say Whoa Party Programme blogspot launch party. We've put in a lot of work to make this event the DEFINITION of a party & the only thing it'll cost you is a hangover the next day! We'll be handing out a hell of a lot of goodies, whilst reserving a few surprises for the night itself and providing 3 DJ sets of straight bangers from the get go... none of this 'warm - up' malarky. The music will kick off with the afore mentioned bangers at 8:30pm sharp and I know what you're thinking... Going out that early is so mid to late 2006 but we want you to dance for as long as possible and meet some safe, like minded new people yer.
Dress code is 'the brighter the better' as we all in our heart of hearts, love a splash of colour! In fact if you want to come in fancy dress... Why the hell not?! It's a party! 

For those of you who haven't read our manifesto here it is. Hopefully it'll clear up any unanswered questions you might have but if not please drop us a line here



Going out on the town nowadays is getting either too repetitive or too sporadic. Our aim is to rejuvenate the local party scene by putting on monthly, pseudo -exclusive parties in and around the Southampton area. We have put together a programme of nights where you're guaranteed to have a great party amongst some like minded people & good friends. We want to create a strong underground community... Where everyone knows your name... Like that TV show Cheers... Just, at a phat party instead.

But what else are we providing I hear you ask? Accompanying the parties we put on, we will be launching a blog of the same name where photos from the nights will be posted, as will mixes for your listening pleasure. On top of that we'll recommend tunes, art, videos and everything in between.

Come along, bring a friend and cut up some serious rug to some Romanian Techno (or whatever else we decide to play that night).

We hope to see you there,

With Regards,

R - Kid, Cpt Kerk & Doc McCoy.

(Rich Froud, Daniel Chorley & Alex Gill)